Thom Butler

thom60My name’s Thom Butler. I’m the founder of SpeakLo Media and I write and produce stories of every shape and kind.

Over the last 30+ years I’ve written everything from children’s plays, to print and broadcast journalism, technical manuals, short stories, screenplays, a book on audio principles, advertising copy, scripts and articles for corporate communications, and a book on menopause.

I consider myself a story teller and my first steps are always to seek out both the story in, and the voice of, any project that I am engaged with.

I do this because it is the most interesting approach, and because these first steps go a long way to showing me the way forward and through whatever it is I’m working on. By working this way, I am able to listen to, and then to speak with, the voice and tone of those whose story I am telling. This approach has enabled me to tell the stories of children and older folks, hotshot technical engineers, and homeless people. It has also helped me, over the last twenty years, to be especially adept at designing websites and interactive media installations that are user friendly and intuitive.

Today, with the rising development of social media, I use these same skills to tell people’s stories in blogs, on facebook, video and audio podcasts, and with the 140 chracters of Twitter. I regularly have the enjoyable (and sometimes disorienting) task of speaking with other voices in order to bring my clients’ stories to the world in a new form.

The one thing I know is that while there are countless stories, we all beat with one heart.