The Pearl and The Ghost

An ethereal pale rose glow in a deep dark blue sky – almost black, but deeper

Around it tiny diamonds brilliant against the dark velvet of the universe

sparkle out of the darkness and shimmer around the smooth glowing orb

We shamble about in bare feet, partially dressed against the chill

We strain to see the glowing object of our desire just above the roof line

as we balance precariously on the paint splattered step ladder and

raise a large pair of binoculars to our eyes

If anyone was watching us they’d think we were crazy

We are

We are indeed certified lunatics

straining to catch the magic before it fades

Later after Robi has returned to bed

I go to the front of the house and wander the neighborhood

like a madman or a peeping Thom

A race walker’s footsteps echo in the street behind me

and as he rounds the corner clicking and huffing

he greets me with “good morning…” and speeds on

seemingly uninterested in the celestial show unfolding

just above his line of sight as he trundles forward in the dark

I return my gaze to The Pearl

and suddenly my dad is standing beside staring at it too

“Pretty ain’t it?” he says as he smiles

I look over to him and my eyes fill with small drops of water

Water from the moon

I smile and say “yeah…”

and then “Thanks dad.”