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Monthly Archives: August 2018

What is the movie

he’s watching?


His eyes darting

back and forth

and a smile

curling his lips

As magic flashes

from his eyes

and he looks at me

as if to say

oh yeah…


I know some things


This is not

what I expected

In the arrogance

of my youth

in my 64th year

I thought I knew

how it would be


The way he would face

the ultimate

The way he would

look away

from the light

and struggle

to stay on the ground


Even now

oh so many years on

I am again discovering


I don’t know anything


My intellectual


honed and polished

with years of practice

and decades

of smug contempt

lies shattered

on the floor

at the feet

of this playful

crazy clown

scientist, journalist,





And my mind

rushes back to

the spillway

where we would

never catch a fish

or by the campfire

under stars

that he would point to

and name every one


And he would raise an eyebrow

and give a slight



As magic flashed

from his eyes


As if to say


Watch me son…


I know some things.



She appeared suddenly

Out of the shadows

By my side


I’m on a spy mission

Would you like some wine?


The Lady of The Dark


I wasn’t looking

But she captured me

With her eyes

Her mystery

And Dancing Queen


She was hard to hold

And difficult to understand

But she was

honest and true

and passionate

and full of heart


She was more than

She could ever see

But I could see it

Deep inside

Past the noise

At the heart

Sitting quietly below the surface


The Lady of The Lake


It took her time

To heal herself

To grow strong

To find her truth

And step out on faith

Yet she did

In ways that are amazing

With a courage few possess


The Lady of The Hats


Now she’s moving on

And her path goes

Where I cannot follow

But for a time

She showed me life

In ways unimaginable


The Lady of The Light